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Chapman and others translate lilaiomenoi biotoio in Od. 12.328 in terms
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tion. The same chapter gallops through the development of dermatol-
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; succession of symptoms that accompany and indicate the perhaps)
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progressive mental and physical enfeeblement, associated with symmetrical
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gressive atrophy of most of the organs of the body, excepting the heart,
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A babe eight months old "had had the colic all night,
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Ordinarily, however, the operations practised include only the
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extensively modified and enlarged, with five hundred and thirty-two illustrations. In two
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2. The ' Ascaris vermicularis,' a lively, needle -like
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An eruption appears about the third or fourth day. Leucopenia and
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Biologic Symptoms of Typhoid Fever.— Under this hea
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Chicago and $3000 for the Woman's Hospital of Chicago.
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of mind-blindness together with red spots in the field
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1 c.c. of control -f- •"> <'•''• milk at '.iit — coa^ndated in 2'{ niin.
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weather ; from the 9th to the 13th it was exceedingly cold and fleety-,
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which she supposed to be a child, and that the menses had
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fine detritus. The changes in the liver cells are very
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ago introduced little gelatine globules, containing various
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degree depending upon the extent of lung involved. In the circum-
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in communicating cholera to dogs and cats, chiefly through the
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The stroma is not involved, and the blood-vessels remain
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quently to an inch within the first few minutes. The
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is not uncommon, in tropical climates, to find an abscess in the liver in
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cause and eflect only by immense clouds of a time his preconceived notions, in order
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fowls, horses, and dogs, that live in lead factories, and breathe the atmo-
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the holder to practise in any part of Canada, or in the provinces which have adopted this
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ship to the other courses in the curriculum. It is no uncommon
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may be utilised in the severe affections of the heart which
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blood in the right chamber of the heart, with separation of fibrin, might