fering from tuberculosis must bear in mind as useful

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18G2.] Flint, Jr., ^ew Excretory Function of the Liver, 345

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increased muscular tissue in the heart itself sufficient to

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which fade gradually if the cause is removed, leaving a brownish pig-

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not contract these diseases in their own quarters, but in the surround-

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in the epithehum lining Bowman's capsule. In some glomeruli,

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His nervous troubles had left him to a great extent, al-

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forbid lithotrity ? Here I am obliged to leave the safe path

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determine the stimulant, depressant or negative action of the drugs.

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phragm in such a manner as to render it impossible for any

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on one of the tips, its platinum end is held in a flame — gas,

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result of the action of toxic substances, autogenous or

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" We have many examples," he says, " that Nature organizes

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the fact of the inevitable knowledge acquired by them in becoming such.

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cal character, diffusing itself over a large portion of country;

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ular, and in the mammary region as low as the upper border of the fourth rib. Below

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its light upon the many obscurities that beset the delver after truth. To

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thus formed is the drainage of the products of the dead bacilli

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gave no evidence of piis. The right thigh continued to enlarge, and the knee and leg

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will necessarily be obliged to send in his resignation as Dean

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mew's Hospital, and graduated at the University of Lon-

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itis. Dr. Shoemaker explained that psoriasis is often excited

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to be explained. The importance of them to me is their orientating

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Another variation of the basic sickness, also due to “dampness”

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applications — the first eleven being negative punctures, and the rest

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is, that the stagnant urine may l)e drawn from either

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settled upon the world at that time a kinil of self-satisfac-

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that the almost discretionary authority with which the

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There is also another form of Barber 's Itch of a purulent

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in. the Dublin Journal of Medical Science, is now remodelled, and a

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developement. Thus, he adds, the pratlice of medicine is re-