shared by large ethnic groups of mankind. If we are to appreciate

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superficial erosions are produced by the falling off of the epithelium.

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inclined to regard it as an universal remedy adapted to every case

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clinical grounds to be diphtheria, in 102 to be doubtful, and in 87 to be

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for single rooms in the same sections. The rates for

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of ether. The relative occurrence of dangerous symptoms according to Gurlt's

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made failure a necessity, and brought the practice of

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tutes the arterial influence, we confess that we vvere put to our

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enormous, and, worse yet, to delay in the effort to find the source of

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the day time, but by night, or early in the morning. The

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Its reaction is either amphoteric or slightly alkaline when fresh.

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financial support of the Foundation by contributing $25,000 to the j

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animal matter, they would serve long enough to obliterate

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silvery, velvety pubescence ; scutellum not reaching to the base of

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or ilo-id. ihc -icrili-.iMon of the wound i- not pioi t-rding aati-f.ietorib. ,

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ovarian ovum of the bird. There was a similar more flattened

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And for that reason we are presenting this paper, not that we are

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determined at four periods of the day in several persons in health, and at 8 A.M.

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of tetanus have been reported, caused by the bite of an animal, e. g.,

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and bronchial catarrh. The bowels were regular. The skin eruption

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assured that the first manifestations were of but three days'

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increased atony, and the greater curvature more than

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blind goddess, without reason or judgment — in short,

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mixed with flat papules had appeared on the limbs and

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tions. Again, in 1815 we find him in the list of Fellows, to which

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A babe eight months old "had had the colic all night,

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ferent states: there only remain some observations on the third.

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ature until the third day, when it went up to loi" F.

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prosperity or adversity, your memory will ever revert to this as one of

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— a\eragc, 22, average weight, 170 (ten pouncK overweight but soon to change)— asseni-

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leges in good standing, and it is announced that papers of inter-

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tonsillitis. Several good observers have seen the disease occur after

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