right hemianopia since seven years ago. At that time

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sion, in most instances, of the tubercular diathesis ; hence its treatment by the

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Soon after marriage she had one miscarriaeg, and then bore two

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Elderly persons' bones break easily because thev Fic j — Senion ot Fr-

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recently Spiegelberg,* has stated fixed measures. But the

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an observation I made upon it a few days before I vaccinated

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is by no means so free from danger as if these symptoms accoropsny

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retained by Sir Thomas Watson as recently as 1857 as being "so estab-

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The acute stage of this disease may occur frequently, but it is usually

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three fifths of the front and outer part of femur, to which it felt

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the uterus inclines normally to the vagina at an angle of 60" in

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ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS: Material appearing in all publications of the Journal of Medicine should be typewritten,

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sacral resection up to the S, nerve root may be performed

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has its origin in the internal iliac. The prostatic veins

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hands, that such cautions had never before any thing

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thus to do, not only by our authors, but by the medical

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liarities; the peculiarities of complexion, motion, action, or inactivity;

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five grains on the 23rd, five on the 24th, ten on the 25th, and

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latter crosswise (it should always be split lengthwise).

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at present so little known that nothing exhaustive can be stated on this sub-

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to offer what he is so eminently qualified by nature, education, and long

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Pathology. Dr. Mackenzie rejects the opinion that this

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anterior to the V spot. This break can only be recognised in

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This was the beginning of a policy, which has resulted in the establish-

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a gall-bladder. In the fossa to the right of the longitudinal

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ized thix>ugh this granulation-tissue. The vascularization of thrombi

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himself at the eye clinic. A year before be had been in a hos-

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the perineum. To this the patient consented, and was about to be admitted to

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(10 per cent., Wagner), sometimes small or normal, but never the latter with

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Dr. Robert Lee refers to a case of rupture of the uterus

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Evacuation, chain of. See Hospitalization and evac-