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This procedure is, therefore, claimed to be physiological

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auscultation of the lungs. The pulse is rapid, 90-110, but less so in pro-

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soil from becoming permanently under the influence of excessive

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CSAB. W. HmjHOOOK, MJ>., Sec, HniBT O. Wauob, M.D. . Prest ,

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kidneys, and mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes and

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arsenic is not truly curative in its action, does not strike at the root of the

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" This is an admirable compend of physiology, including enough of anatomy

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ing an active part in the planning of the new hospital

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Square. — This dispensary was instituted in 1879, and re-

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periment is successful, the result being a son, who is afterward

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before the age of fifty-four. It usually takes place, if at all, from

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cyclitis develops, the tension falls below the normal

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carotids beat strongly ; respiration is difficult ; hearing

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are also often involved and it is not only impossible to remove all affected glands in

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such a way as to obliterate it completely and to bring its oppo-

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come under his care with small-pox after vaccination : the vaccination had been

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function. In these the ammonia urea fraction was from 50 to 60

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vigil there may be ulceration. Disturbances in hearing are not uncom-

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flammation. When bones developed in abnormal situa-