By January 9, i.e. two months after admission, the swell-
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indicated. Alcohol is usuaOy badly tolerated. Warm baths
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it goes, this is true enough, but there is yet in the stalk another
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Francisco read this paper. He stated that the history
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treatment with cod-liver oil and tonics, and was finally discharged at his own request.
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It is not known what effect the journey from the skin to the
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acquires a cylindrical form. The points of exit of the posterior roots
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thin. clear, somewhat frothy mucus. Such sputum showed
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one day every fortnight, when all the new patients are seen. Patients are
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we are dealing with an infection that leaves the body in the secre-
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102°, and f<»r this |)urpose it is necessary, if baths are em-
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medicine. Sanitation is becoming fashionable, and if
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the day. He took nourishment, but remained iu a state of
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Dutch and Italian potters strove to imitate as closely as possible to
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first a small quantity of fluid faeces and a large quantity of
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were found. The convulsions were repeated the following day,
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ation in the throat, which I have thoroughly cauter-
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traction by acting on a receptive substance. . . . Curari,
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cessfully used cocaine ointment for the relief of pain in a case
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pabulum from the blood, whilst no appreciable alteration in
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Organism al Contents of the Lungs. — Barthel (Centralbl. f. Bakt.
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have been subjected to partial thyroidectomy. I am always glad to
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be of some interest to give the history of the socalled epidemic as
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course of medical instruction some one or two thousand dollars. Who
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panionship to a minimum, nevertheless the only absolute safety lies in
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various phenomena described in previous chapters, that disease not—
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three days. In 1853 a girl, aged sixteen, who was already in the hospital
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strap on each side of the chair, making a cradle or rocking bed. A pair
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at present, is, perhaps, the spirit of pathology itself. We occa-
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decisions are being transferred down to the physician level and the politi-
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In a considerable proportion of the cases in which post-mortem exami-
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lent and sudden deaths; and 8. Deaths from diseases which
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hospital, and, consequently, continued proper maintenance of the cir-
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