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in anticipation of an imminent noxious stimulus. Once the
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ness Mr. L. appears in normal health, and still travels on the
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Case II.— INI. W., a woman, aged twenty-five years, entered the
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dergo their life-cycle, but in such small numbers that they give rise to no
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to distinguish those which have been fed from those which
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declared that good, faithful men are thus often sacrificed.
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closed all the windows in his patients' rooms so as to
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(h) Elongated cell with distinct outlines and distinct nucleus. One process
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Fig. 41. — Blue imprint of .severe case of flat-foot.
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days he did well, and on October 3 and 4 passed a small
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gen ill Uufallsacbeu. Acrztl, Sacliverst.-Ztg., Bcrl., ]898,
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variations of the pulse. This knowledge, therefore, comes to us
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water. In gonorrhceal ophthalmia it quickly lessens the
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diabetic persons. According to Griesinger^ nearly one-half of all pa-
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disease is in an incipient stage. Any persistent or suspicious
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hemorrhagic, with a more or less fibrinous exudate. The bacteriology of broncho-
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ittacks of asthma occur whenever bronchitis, or a common cold, occurs.
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ated by sonography for compressibility, the presence
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2. Pupillary changes : inequality of the pupils (when
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the contents of paragraphs are indicated by marginalia, a
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the skismatic taints of a rainbow, which the extonishing Newton first ex-
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cern. Other cases present themselves with various clinical manifes-
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few patches. As he understood it, Dr. Duhring referred to the lotion
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These Institutions are owned and controlled by reputable physicians, and are con-
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was pain associated with the numbness. The patients soinetiuies