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the study of medicine, and suddenly became most inactive. One of
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agreeing with the results of Magnus. Even when the quantities were reduced
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medical board ordered Dr. Kennedy to show cause why his license should
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affecting the Constitution in 1 ,000 Phthisical Persons, when in health.
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the operator than for clinical instruction. This is the reason why
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president during Paul’s first full year of service. The society
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leeches to the chest. A ligature to the thighs applied merely firmly
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the breathing is manifestly excited, a small, short cough is heard
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scending a staircase, caught her heel on a step ; the front
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28 or 30 mm. behind this intersection is the lower end of the fissure of Rolando, b I, placed a
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slightly I shall mention another woman of the family here. She
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its being confounded with other disorders by being called a spurious and
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lion, skunk, and red-tailed hawk, are encouraged. Trapping has not
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Education : A monthly magazine devoted to the Science, Art,
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the onset. The leucocyte count is higher where the peritoneum is
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the magnificent work done by sui^eons in this direction, most of
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who would say charge fifty dollars for delivering a woman, and a busy
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worthy, and afford an index of the progress that is
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of Physic." It closes with the following passage. This con-
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everyone she met knew her troubles, and consequently she was
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numerous dark brown casts apparenth/ composed of disinteyrated epithelium.'^
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what they purport to be, but the more crude and comparatively cheap
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danger of rupture, not to speak of the poisonous miasm that emanates
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of the economy, especially with the digestive apparatus, more
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angles. In some parts the thickening of these longitudinal fibres
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tion taken by the majority of writers of the present day
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