The internal treatment of bedsores was subsidiary to that
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Laryngology and Lecturer on Diseases of the Upper Air-Passages in
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and thorough examination of family and personal history and
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method, and no artificial help (i. t., button) should be employed.
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explanation. A subtle form of psychological vulnerability
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irritation — the chafing of clothes, a slight scratch,
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Cerebral sclerosis is much shorter in its duration, where both the spine and
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of small size and of vivid hue. Occasionally the mucous membranes
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are nothing more or less than " malignant embryonic kidneys,"
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William A. Hammond, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiol-
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of the disease, recurrences which sooner or later produce serious injuries
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White cell and ditlerential counts were made immediately after this procedure,
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the experience of the late Dr. Gregory of Edinburgh. He used to
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of teachers is probably the superintendent's most important and most try-
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which indicated the presence of an ulcer, and that it should not
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the smaller cerebral vessels, and lays upon the oculist the duty
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a large blister should be put on, and a succession of them made use of,
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exclusive of deaths of persons admitted into public institutions
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this quarter, and every woman is obliged to present herself once a week.
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geners of lupus and tuberculosis, capable, under favorable conditions, of
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treatment If it is necessary to continue the diuretic, provide medical supervision for at least two hours and until
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annual meeting in Manchester under the presidency of
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party bringing it, a physician, under the direction of the
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I would include under contagious diseases the follow-
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This, combined with the most careful mechanical execution, and its very durable binding, recden
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was purulent infiltration of the lower lobe of the right lung. The
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necessary in the preparation, for I am certain that
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tary service in India. Candidates who pass the Medical Board
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lungs and acts locally. They may be used in the acute cases also,
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Definition. — A thickening of the arteries due to an over-
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by very gradual changes there are brought about condi-
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loose, it may be renewed. After six or eight weeks it has
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take place without work being done, the result is an imparta-
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widespread interest may be aroused in this matter. Write now,
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pital. The nurses of our hospitals have done more good for the prolongation