they may rectify themselves, if left alone, with art

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j I should discontinue the use of it. I said also I thought,

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semi-transparent film of a whitish color and soft consistence.

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chloric acid may, at times, be very important, bearing in mind that

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At the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the mean height of the barometer

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and I feared that intubation would be necessary before

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and can in no sense be regarded as depending on any morbid process

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vious section (vide page 630). Cerebral embolism from masses of fibrin

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M. D., I'rofessor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical Col-

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instances the leg had been caught in a rope, and the epiphysis had

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Subsequent Hi4ory. — The patient recovered from the opera-

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which is that in conception the work is a mistake and in execution a failure.

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cases first come under our notice owing to the occurrence of an

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all-important subject of the education of girls, and it was to this

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directly in the urine. I have no doubt that the same is

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London in which there was a sudden and irresistil)Ie

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The disease is sometimes slowly progressive. In one case under our

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efforts fail, the eyol):ill should be enuck-iited. You

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the examination of the State Board of Medical Examiners he

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Gosselin, on the " Surgical Affections of Adolescents," he

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Adenomas^ may be single or multiple, and may develop from the hepatic

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nuclei are present, they are almost invariably eccentric and pyknotic.

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more recent researches as to the action of alcohol, &e. Under

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perty is useful, and that when the stomach tolerates thwn they should make a part of

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door, took the crazed girl by surprise and attempted to

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even when relays of men are emjiloyed. Where such jjower lias to be

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to incise the conjunctiva round about the cornea, to separate it

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ing to excrete certain products secreted by the liver.

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tirely too low ; that lard always contains from 3 to 5

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A. S. Hewitt, Deptford I ownship, Gloucester co. N. J.

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patches, never fails to become vesicular and pustular, proceeding

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