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methods. U. jNIosso," Sarah Amitin,^ and others have shown that,

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tis. — Dr. TnoMAS M. Lloyd, visiting physician to St. Peter's Hos-

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ing in hypnotic .sleep. J. Exper. M., N. T., 1897, ii, 405-

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irregiilar in time. No other form of peristalsis was noted.

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3. The protective value of various antiserums both singly and com-

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2 :15 — The movements are more clumsy and sluggish. A tremor is noticeable, especially

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most definite and certain means of controlling venous

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tion of mucus membrane, or an hereditary tendency to phthisis?

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form a history of loss of consciousness, vomiting, attendant hemiplegia,

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vomiting, and disposition to diarrhoea or constipation ; some have also suffered

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attributed to intercurrent pneumonia, and therefore

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spinal meningitis of more recent experience, and one might say the

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8. Acquatella GC. Roura ET. Maury AJ, et al: High incidence of pericardial

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•or the Avhole mucous membrane of the last two feet of the ileum intensely

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may think fit to employ, it is necessary in all cases to roll a bandage from

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put two equal pieces of meat into two flasks, one with

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results, and have found that, even if the soft part breaks open,

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partial or irre^lar paralysis of muscles supplied by one

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history of our own country. Talk with them, ask them

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twenty-one square inches of lupoid tissue were dissected away."

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