ful in bringing out the points in any paper. It is the dressing on the

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perimental, and pathological researches, through which

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familiarizing the student with the different diseases and

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4. Dry between layers of fine filter paper, and counter-stain

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greater weight than it really was ; this is due to the deceptive appearance

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members of the football team it was 2. 68. Track athlet-

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or in the grey matter of the cerebral convolutions in direct linear con-

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In this position he did an enormous amount of work in sanitary

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the face by a light metallic frame, o, secured to a brow-band

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The dropsy of the malarial fever is, without doubt, connected witl

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day to this clever lad. " Of course I should," was the reply.

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be rendered perfectly pure by repeated crystallizations. In order

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— More obscure is the differential diagnosis when this condition is pres-

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with a 2 to 1 rhythm. The length of the a-c periods in these tracings is

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The Occurrence of Secondary Eashes in Scarlet Fever. —

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10th. No statement of his previous condition received. When ad-

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when the calculus was supposed to have been crushed.

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menstruation had been very painful. The patient had

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I have the honor herewith to submit to you my first annual report. I

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Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, Toronto School of

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Benjamin H. Hilkovitch, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.

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Cats : How to Care for them in Health and Treat them when

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themselves tuberculous, though in different organs,

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together, that in practice it is scarcely possible to

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and the color and consistency of the cervix frequently changed. If

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I would probably have escaped under a verdict of 1 concealment of birth,' and

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a sudden and remarkable increase of mortality during the first years, and

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been completely reduced, leaving but a small abrasion of the skin which

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constant is the association of foetal death and expulsion