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nerves, practically, in the great majority of cases at least,

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ment, but the outlook does not appear very encouraging. If the myotonia

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either sex. Townsend and Valentine ^ have recently published a

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constantly contains typhoid bacilli, while the water of the Vanne and of

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the whole of which could be put into one's pocket, and yet

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result will possibly be obtained in a dark room with artificial light, since

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(5) "Catching cold" is often followed by pneumonia, but frequently there

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ness of the diagnosis of a parovarian cyst; but it is reasonably certain

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ever, inflammation affects this organ, and Mr. Birkett has seen " chronic abscess

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Meyer, Elijah Stansbury, .Tr. and Francis Meyer, all of

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The tenderness increased, nausea and restlessness continued, tympanites devel-

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manifestation of haemorrhage. This may be constant or

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narily appears healthy, " its sheaths are but little altered ; but in the

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be re-read, and that the scientific part be left as it stands for publication.

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healthy or other action whatever of the organ. It certainly is a matter of

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and saves the life of a patient, deserves more credit than the opera-

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A Case of Meningo-Myelitis with Bacteriological Examina-

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Society, April 13, 1S76, on this subject, narrates some ex-

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pedic Surgeon to the out-patient department of the Long

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inferior extremity is not joined to the body until the twentieth year.

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her statement, she thought was too small should never be completely divided. If this

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profuse this became, and, consequently, however protracted

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Avas convicted and executed in 1828-9, Dr. Christison and Mr. Newbigging

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The treatment consisted of quietude, rest, dose of physic, and

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this is hardly observable; that at the period of life when the opera-

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ward. Hence it is not to be apprehended that a more exten-

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