invention at Meudon, and Robespierre wrote a letter to the inventor, thankiii-.-

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to be refused and on this account General Laurie seeks

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questions," Dr. Reid writes, " naturally suggest themselves in

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upper and outer portion, where the pressure will be at a

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should form material for the first experiment in this branch of the prac-

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The seamstress came from a neighborhood and a family

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The author fully appreciates all the difficulties which beset the

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mortality, since there were a number of cases of so-

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Laveran, who, on November 6, 1880, saw for the first time the flagella of

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tations lumineuses successiyes et voisines. Ibid., 447.

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medical practice act to non-physicians and he believed

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The intellect generally remains intact, or slight mental aberration only

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d. The evacuation policy, as relevant to the computation.

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oi the heart, and probably also no degeneration of the arteries ; in

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tubes ; or it may be the result of the localization of given infec-

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diagnosis. It was very common, occurred usually in the

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oxygenation of the blood, as well as a stimulating action

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ture of opium (laudanum) — horses and cattle, 1 to 3 oz.;

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April 28, 1906. In good condition, no symptoms. Well nourished,

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neous branches go off, six above from the internal, and six from the

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of " impermeable rock were either entirely exempt or

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transversely, while in the sac they are more longi-

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to treatment. The treatment of the multiple septicopyemic abscesses

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these qualities can be brought effectively into play, an accurate

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break, so far as it goes, as an efficient means of exciting an X-ray tube.

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bility to sing, all disa|)pear after local treatment

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This leads us to believe that the leading principles of the

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cuses the vitiated secretions of acute and chronic bronchitis, or

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1. Cannon and Washburn: Am. Jour. Physiol., 1911-1912, 29* 441,