short time before going to bed. He remembered nothing after going
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The chimneys above the fireplaces must not merely be stuffed with news-
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choices of methods, while others are inherent to the study of
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This, as may at once be seen, gels the stone out with
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ii, p. 73; Humphreys, "Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. 1109; Nothnagel,
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pital at Logan Station, will take place on Thursday after-
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dissolved particles of poison, and therefore favour its expulsion during the act
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of the system of Oertel in the treatment of cardiac diseases, it is but just
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Examination showed extensive destruction of the epiglottis by ulcer-
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head, the TTouse-Surgeon, Mr. Waller, very properly admitted
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collapse with a temperature of 96"2' F., a pulse-rate of only 5(;, iind respirations
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and the comparison is certainly, neither in children nor adults, unfavorable
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ing. For these reasons, he was not what is known as a popular
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admissible into the workhouse by application, on or about the com-
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free from that tendency to over-refinement and nnne- ' Sanking*s Abstract Jan 1867.
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the bed opposite to it is 18 feet ; in a circular ward 61 feet in diameter it would
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lOr to 102"* F. (38.3°-38.8° C). If the stone passes through the common
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tricles are healthy. The pituitary is normal. The peritoneum, stomach,
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tation almost to nothing, and, when he reached England, he
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Medical College; Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon to the Jefferson, St. Agnes,
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observations made by himself (Dr. H.), before Dr. Merritt wrote his paper. He had
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nephritis was connected with a deformity. On the other hand, I am in doubt
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giving it a bath, the same effects were produced as by
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Crockbt, Jamks. — Practical points in the diagnosis
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Under all these adverse conditions, I believe that the poor
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only hysteria. Manifestly here is another hysteria case
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mUllcr (E.) Aiigeborene Missbildunf: der unteren Ex-
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auditory canal, with the auditory nerve and Wrisberg's nerve, takes a long course
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The organs which have been found most uniformly diseased are the
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and the case looks more like an intraabdominal one,
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ulatus in having many scales on the abdomen (James and
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6. Crural neuralgia. 7. Femoro-popliteal or sciatic neuralgia,