morally insane, the patients being addicted to self-abuse, purposeless
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on untrodden ground — at least, comparatively un-
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with those of Sack and Glebowsky, there is afforded incon-
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By proper care complete and perfect vaccination may be
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application for said i)ermit shall be made in writing, upon a form prescribed by
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smears is quite variable. In many cases a typical bacillary picture
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greater injury to the eye than gas even, and very much
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rendering it probable that the lesion is beyond the motor
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year. The balance in the hands of the bankers, including
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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just
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the fatty mass showed a small peritoneal sac, which was empty.
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are sometimes found postmortem containing numerous small stones. Hydro-
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procedure is somewhat different. But this method should always
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the Declaration of Independence and the foundation of
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Surgeon-General, U. S. A. Vol. I. The History of Surgery, Pathology, Bacteri-
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live more than from one to three years, the usual cause of death being an
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nay, unheard of — that there should be a coincident disease of all the
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intervalli." Yet when we consider that this regularity is only ex-
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drainage and packed with antiseptic gauze or subjected to anti-
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proportion to the removability of the cause — the anaemia. The tendency
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careful examination and observation should make the diagnosis clear.
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tyrosine are probably the most important. The symptoms here referred
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other affections of the lungs precede diseases of the larynx, which, in turn,
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difliculties of making the diagnosis and one of the
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for the hairpin to take another course and pass through the fornix into the
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motor ataxy " is applied to a chronic disease of the cerebro-
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that he can find no recorded case of permanent recovery after
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meeting of the Physicians' Protective Association of De-
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most important air-borne diseases are tuberculosis, pneumonia, ery-
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attack the diabetic symptoms were relieved temporarily. It
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rene Veriinderungen des Pupillenraudes. Klin. Monatsbl.
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Properties. — Boron is found in three allotropic modifications :
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edy in his own hands. Mr. Stillman says: ^^I have no hesitation in
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