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a large njumber of cases of diphtheria; therefore a little discus-

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10. First Progress Report, Thompson-McFadden Pellagra Commission, p. 11.

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discovered. It is no less true that a vast deal has to be unlearned in

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arise when the diet is exclusively milk. "Sand" may be produced through the

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Hospital, and came under the care of Dr. Bazet, who

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But to draw our instances from other organs, there are nume-

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XXXII. — Extreme case of Factitious Urticaria, with

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1898, vii, 326, 1 pi.— Stephenson (C. C.) Piece of granite

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be deemed apropos: Mr. T. was seized at midnight, and at

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cluded to give this remedy a trial in scarlatina, and have since

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1900, 11. s., ii, 162-164.— Pcrriii. Sur les muscles dii pied

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Bordeaux, 1897-8, v, 665-670. — lUivai-t (F. St. G.) Case

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where the lung was attached; the extraordinary development of

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very enlarged, and the heart had mitral disease, which was

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Med. Ireland, Dubl.. 1883, i, 47-49.— Ulilhonf (W.) De-

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enough so as not to endanger a future necrosis of the

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At Puberty the child springs, as it were, almost suddenly from

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12. Call to order at 2 o'clock by the President. Announcements, etc.

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