supplanting those of Boerhaave and Sydenham. In 1790, the immor-

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of the papillae, ulcers of the renal pelvis or cheesy

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malaria and generally by repeated small attacks insufficiently combated

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The antitoxin of tetanus is of value only as a prophylactic measure.

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the author's cases also there was a very high temperature, to which the

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matter of surprise is, that such a wound did not prove immediately

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hut because they bring the patient into a better frame

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Mr. Bailey said he wrapped the cotton in a handker-

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tioned a case that had been under his care some years

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The visceral symptoms of hysteria are, as a rule, of importance, as

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'Bose: "Response in the Living and Non-living" (1902) ; "Plant Response" (1905) ;

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hand, or even take in the entire circumference of the leg.

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Condition on Admission. — The case was looked upon as being a simple

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Definition. — An acute infectious disease, characterized by

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in 20 per cent, and considerable reduction (10 to 1000 surviving

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treatment, which, from tiie standpoint here made, is

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gastric juice of the horse contains lactic, fatty, and

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avoid the dust nuisance, and the floors may be treated with one of

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onlv result being a little bleeding from the first puncture. The track of the

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in a white girl twelve years of age. I examined her urine every other

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morbid pulmonary syndrome in premature or near term

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jierature of the apartments and personal protection by

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case was that of a lady eight months advanced in pregnancy, attended by marked (Edema, both over the extremities

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Vaccination was begun in August, and up to Dec. 31, 1920, 3,607

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and to be destitute of even logical proofs. The analogies on

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of one ward, across the corridor, to the end of the other

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way until it is near the bilge. The heavy gas collects at the bottom

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and often put the contracting muscles at a mechanical disadvantage.

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mata, catarrhs, etc.), whose immediate cause we cannot discover. LJbc

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furthermore the subcutaneous or Sticlireaktion (Epstein, Escherich,

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floated. It was evident the crucial ligaments had been rup-

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become quite detached from one another. Two spirochetes thus con-