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bloodletting shall be rejected, because of the injury
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Dose, i^3 diluted in one oz. cold water. Give such a dose
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impregnation with ^wison, or in some other delusional way by starting
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particularly if a rapidly growing tumor is palpable at the same time.
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reported cases the growths have been in the upper third, which is the
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lage, or rural districts, and incidentally show our superiority
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for years previously. Homoeopaths saw at a glance how his views of
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applying leverage with all his force until the handle of the scoop was bent. After
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" As far as I can judge from these two cases, I should say that at
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(Section in Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children) ;
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beg to inform our correspondents that, as a rule, all cirmmunica-
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I received a letter yesterday from the physician in answer to one
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we are rid of it for another year, but shall no doubt then
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and cannibalism on earth when Bicarbonate of Soda. — Amer. Druggist.
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serous diarrhea of infants, and judging from my own observations, its use-
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ceded for a longer or shorter time by bronchitis; and it is very important to
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and infections fevers particularly, had not the effect of produe-
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dilatation of the heart, sufficient, exclusive of accessory morbid conditions,
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injection of fluid in the following twenty-four hours. The method of
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of impending danger or misfortune. As delirium develops he
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This disease is characterized by thickening of the walls of the stomach in
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of medium size and of general insignificant coloring. The wings have a
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the disease, and in various suppurative processes taking place in
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Anyone can practice this means of cure, provided they have
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dry mouth; anaphylaxis, rash, urticaria, photosensitivity, purpura, other
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Pneumonia was present in two cases, one of which was fatal.
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Charles W. Farr, assistant surgeon. Lieutenant Farr will proceed
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evaporation, so that 1 Cc. = 1 Gni. of colchicum root.
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used on the face and lids, and a weaker solution, say 1-8000, in the con-
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discolouration in the maculons half. In typical cases of alcohol
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which is characterized from an objective point of view by species of
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was oi no value, nor could any protecting power of normal serum be demon-'
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under the use of serum nephritis is less common than when no serum
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lip ensued, but the pain continued for two or three days?
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mischief is done in the medical practice. How can they possibly tell