examining club feet. Lancet, Lond., 1896, i, 1.56. — Tiip-

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occur, although the bowel presents no evidence of inflammatory or other

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superb horseback riders and skilled in liorsemanship, such

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Dr. W. E. B. Davis, of Birniingham, Ala., spoke of Injuries

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patient get over the first week after his attack, his further improvement

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occasioned. The rheumatic fever and arteritis were combated by salines, diaphoretics,

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that while attencUng Home's clinics in the Edinburgh Hospital in

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6. That the knife should be used when, the lymphatic glands are

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a large majority of cases. Haemoptysis sometimes takes place in connec*

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be observed during the decadence of a great number both of normal and mor-

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turn, cannot be compared with the careful and judicious

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the action of the Chlorine, inducing irritation and congestion of the lungs, the temperature

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study of 2,172 cases of insanity, and was accompanied with

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tions were made — 1. During tiie administration of chloroform ;

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located in the dairies. Last year a carrier had been

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sense of the word. Moreover, it is extremely doubtful whether any of

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Diagnosis. — There are no well-marked distinctions between .hydatid

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usually grows stronger and the pulse becomes slower.

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canal, after withdrawal of the probe, with a four-per-ccnt.

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which prevent the prosecution of their nefarious and merce-

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S.-Peterb., 1808, 111.079-081.— De Cesare (L.) Contrihuto

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in contact with tlie abominable system, or rather no system, of ambu-

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biographical statements of cases of insanity, nor to