of the family and the patient himself, I am obliged to tell
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companies the vessel. The operation is not so grave
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attempt to carry a pill to his own mouth. On another occasion, he attempted
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the exhibition of the mere diaphoretics. In fiict, I am not inclined to
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slap from his antagonist on the side of the neck and face,
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See Jeaiiiiet des Ijongrois. Trataclo de laphtisie,
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spasmodic horses and cattle take 1 to 2 oz. ; as a diuretic
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has shown that there is no fixed rule about this matter, and that
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local hyperemia, while cocaine produces anemia. The fact that it is decom-
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derangement of the nervous system, and leucorrhoea.
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resulting auto-intoxication which must itself directly interfere with normal
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lo learn more about how you can leave a legacy tor the
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described, had been perceived in all its importance, ij; would no
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education and that it is not the muscular force which
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a degree of stricture of the throat with the fear of some seizure, as the effects
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of these are formed in the substance of the cerebrum, the
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Leftwich, Ralph Winnington. An Index of Symptoms. Seventh
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profession as to the relative importance of the finding of albumen and
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neural infiltration with cocain in a case in which general
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of syphilis may be given the benefit of anti-syphilitic treatment, but
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the tincture on cotton, and applying it to the part affected — the relief
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organs far removed from the atrium. From evidences of 230
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of the region affected, as over the buttocks. The patches are deep red
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Dr Miller, and myself, and in each case antimony was found in small quan-
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asylums, as a rule, the superintendent makes the grand
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we have no fault to find with the action of the board in that
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Without endeavoring to institute a comparison between
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swelling. A tense, thin-walled cyst was seen. It contained
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cause of the greatly-enlarged vessels, and the haemorrhage was
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but constituting a permanent embarrassment to the tissues in
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Dickson, J. M., Captain and Assistant>Surgbon. — To
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the treatment of aneurism, being less irksome and painful to the patient, when
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The Journal can be obtained of all Booksellers and Newsmen,
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trine as an assured fact, with the corollary affirm-