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apparently of recent development. Dr. Shimonek, after reviewing the various

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defective, I desire to pause for a moment to discuss the ineffi-

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which, as a rule, is due to general giving way of the nervous system,

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as epidemic cholera, smallpox, and tuberculosis, and from

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as to secure thorough cleansing. The "pan"" closet is unsatisfactory,

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the site of the vaccination exposed and given a very thorough washing

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parable figures with regard to the relative solvent powers of certain antiseptics.

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erysipelatous, typhoid, rheumatic, and bilious influenza.

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indifferent cells from certain tumors, and the direct continuity of the latter

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mation presented is factual and without discussion-.

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on the 12th of September, and continued till the 14th of November : as

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he murdered his fellow-man ? If he did, he dies the

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exceptionally low mortality rate was due to the misreporting

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ring in younger patients as the result of rheumatism produce comparatively

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vision connected with strabismus, but, inasmuch as the author

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oxen a parasite which is apparently the larval form

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express it. Inflammation of the stomach is called gastritis,

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Complete Absence of the Menstrual Function. — Dr. Minot said that he

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been illustrated at length because it is clear that if persons at the

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expiration. The glottis being closed after a full inspiration, and the

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of convulsive tic. Diseases occurring in infancy may, however, account

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such attempt is necessary. You are all familiar with the main

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number of mammalian bones from the formation in which

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the treatment of aneurism, being less irksome and painful to the patient, when

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our pages. They are on secondary hemorrhage after parturition ;

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Surprisingly, in England and Wales the death rate did not

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right broad ligament was observed, and a defined, linear, somewhat

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Institution for the Cure of Drunkenness. — The city of

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found in the floor of the ulcer. The ulcerated artery may be either one

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later stages of the disorder. This will prove far more useful to

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ers, seems to have drawn attention to the fact that

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regions of the body ; for glanders may attack almost any

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2. Inflammation, e.g., ulcerative colitis, tuberculosis, rheumatic heart

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ability to withstand cold might be symptomatic of vaso-

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that in these cases the negative inspirator}' pressure in the medias-

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