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White, Curtis D.. MD - Papillary Intraperitoneal Neoplasia Resembling

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the generation of the miasm. These and many other facts

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lymphatic vessel into the urinary passages. Tliis event is usually due

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milk treatment, and he had seen marked benefit from

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gradually improved, and the child was left in a very satisfactory condi-

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abscess, may at any moment have a fresh attack of rigors, which is speedily fol-

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points, is advocated. In 5 cases death resulted from intes-

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falciform process the sac may now be seen ; if, however, it has passed beneath

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it slightly on tlie right. Bone conduction was equally good

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thin skin. Jfear the orifice are hairs and sebaceous glands ; and,

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The case that forms the basis of this paper is thought

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extended to the larynx, and the patient has died of croup.

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dyne remedies are also generally indicated by the excite<l condition of the