thelium extend far up above the lesion, so that if the ligature is tied
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Zinn has seen an injection penetrate by two branches of vessels into
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ma, fir. Gr. icirror cell-f /liroc thr^id.] One of the
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man body, will convert the food immersed in it for twenty-four or
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of common wheat bran to a glass of hot water and drink it the
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that produced by a vasomotor spasm, and the extent of
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Charondas, a wellknown lawyer who flourished in the mid-
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Ophthal. : Rt. staphyloma posticum with chorioidal changes.
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Glucose does, of course, provide fuel for anaerobic respi-
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N. Y., 1899, ii, 441-446. . Foreign bodies lodged within
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Ftat (sing.), Fi'ant (plur.), let (it, them) be made (into).
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The patient was a white woman aged forty ye;trs. On
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ness and weakness, especially in the back, so that it is
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overthrow the value of classification in general It
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nary treatment, which thus prove annoying, painful,
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fellow undergraduates, and writes his friends glowing
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of the history of the subject, of the classification of tumours, and
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are washed away from about the lesion. It is also a great practical
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up the Lords to pass the Duke of Richmond's bill, and put it
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dressed with soft poultices for a day or two to relieve pain and favor
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tenance organization unless local disposition of it has been author-
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a bath at 98° F., which is rapidly raised to a tempera-
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cferning future prosecutions, etc. They know that if the public as
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him, though a beginner, to prosecute his work intel-
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began to be troubled with eructations — "heart-burn."
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dysarthria. Feet : high-arched. Nystagmus is present on lateral
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their comforts, but with an immense increase in their