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tions of the vagina and vulva in virgins, arid has found that the hymen is in
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effected by thorough changes of climate. But, even so far back
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the curd was milled about four hours after the removal of whey.
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xxxii. 1625; 1661, 1 tab. Also, tranal. : I'est. nied.-chir.
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and put to bed, given 15 grains of quinine and two leeches
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The luminous efficiency of an incandescent lamp is but about
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of the chronic insane — so large a number of them being available for
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instruments as toothed forceps, sounds, and trocars.
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> Archives Gtfndrales de M^d., Paris, 1855, vol. ii., p. 613.
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volume wiU be written by a well-known medical expert. The
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• Charles Watson MacGillivray, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed.,
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temporary cessation in the ventricular action of the heart causes