Dublin, mortality in 1865, 137 ; sanatorium in, 455
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viscera and the bladder is often greatly distended. There is frequently
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we may say that rather less than 5 per cent, of the total number of
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infiltrations, as well as of ulcers and abscesses of the
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but even in despite of it. To these cases M. Vulpian adds
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structure. Has the patient before us pernicious anemia?
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not only to further develop the eruption but also to injure the
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respect to these questions, I desire to qualify certain statements, made in
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(Le) de la fifevre t.yphoide par la bact6riologie- Sled,
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writers make good the claim for this organism must be left to
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An ounce and a half each of olive and castor oils were given and
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Y. R. Goffe, W. G. Wylie, Mrs. G. F. Shrady ; Drs. O.
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''What Has Homoeopathy Done for Obstetrics.'*" was the
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try, etc., need not bother themselves with study, but can
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Proper spirit and co-operation should at all times be had, and the
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pared his own statistics in one column with Potter's in another and the
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The Medical Society of the State of Colorado.— At the
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Contrariwise, the dog is comparatively insensitive to
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the palm, the toes the fingers, and the nails the nails.
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cally doubtful cases of pregnancy a diag- manent results efforts must be directed
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which intercurrent and terminal infections occur in Hodgkin's disease,
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treatment accordingly too grave for guess work. Send for your
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anchylosis of both knees from rheumatism. Gentle manipulations succeeded in
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and of the state of the funds in hi3 hands, accounting of the
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if in this assertion we err, we are in c«mpany with not a few of the
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has moved, such member shall be considered to be in
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was decidedly tetanized for a while ; this passed off, and when I last saw
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glands. The contents are bile-stained in the upper parts, and
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respiratory organs may penetrate into the circulation, after exerting
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the beginning would have been the proper thing, still there are some
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of some of the druggists, to the extent that they refused to tele-
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ored Plates and numerous other illustrations, pp. xiv + 493. Price $ 2.00 net.
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derangement of the nervous system, and leucorrhoea.
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old was admitted to the children's ward with the diagnosis of
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the jugular veins on each side of the neck, which were apparently
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I^umbar puncture was practised on the fourth day, and several cubic
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which will be found in the last annual reports of these services.
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Thank you for affording the American Medical Association (AM A) an opportunity to review the September 8th
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volumes, as well as he could extract so much quinine from so much
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are subject to the customary rules of editorial revision, and will be
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melano sai coma of the anterior portion of eye-ball. Vir-