its appearance upon the lower part of the body and the extremities and
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to o'Ooo kilogrammetres work done. " I am acquainted," says
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Amid the general languishment of the organs and tis-
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at once prevents the process of disintegration of the tissues and
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from the country calling upon him saw several volumes of the " In-
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arguments in science have been in favour of Lucretian doctrines.
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of geranium and 3 parts of water; or by syringing the
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tain definite amount of exercise calculated. The amount of food re-
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proposes and which he has found so useful in j^ractice. I would
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necessary to say that warm clothing, great care in avoiding exposure to
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Ireland, the 29th, having, on leaving the latter port,
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of innumerable meshes of veins, some of which were dilated into large
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etc. Only temporary relief was attained by any of the methods employed -
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timely and appropriate use of electricity has lately occurred at
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but liable to produce collapse ; second, chloroform, one of the
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dentaire. Progriisnifd., Par., 1895, 3. s., i, 227; 307.— ITIar-
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the abscess is opened, the treatment consists of tonic and supporting
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is separated from the As the general means of preven-
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did not close, and the movement of winking was impossible. No other cause except
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Approximate United States Financial Contributions to International Health Activities
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toms of the malady when it has reached its height. If
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which deficient nutrition may arise are nvmierous, and in all we have to
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manner, and is observed only in debilitated adults and chiefly on the
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— Dr. Bockel relates the history of a case in which he
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and their rays have disappeared ; and when this is the case, the