Etiology. — Tbe ozaena of atrophic catarrh is due to the decomposition of

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of a dark brown tube. The gall-hladder is enlarged in size, and sometimes

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heart-wall and give rise to "partial cardiac aneurism." Communication

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containing j)hosphates, carbonates, cholesterin, and very rarely urea and

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is adhesion between the costal and pulmonary pleurge. These adhesions.

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by filaments with the heavier masses underneath the surface. The cough

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muscles, tendons, nerves, or of large vessels. This injury sometimes

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means of the post-nasal syringe. At first it may be necessary to remove the

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point, usually from the base upwards, until the whole lobe is involved ; while

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mur is weak or suppressed on one side and exaggerated on the other.

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be given ; each case is a law unto itself. Malt liquors and wines do less

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largement of the affected side is decreasing, that the intercostal spaces

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in the typhoid variety, or in the stage of reaction. This eruption varies in

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this dietetic treatment, combined with absolute rest in a recumbent posi-

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inoculations of an attenuated virus are now employed as prophylactic or

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which are lined by columnar epithelium. These tubules are held

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children on account of the elasticity of the bones and because the sub-

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rapidly diminishes, as is shown by the rapid diminution in the size of these

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modified by tiie phthisical cachexia. When the inflamed surface becomes

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ing cold. The skin is in distinct, hard folds {" washerwoman's skin ") and

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pigment degeneration, and remains permanently imbedded in the lung-

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give distinct colloid degeneration. In syphilitic new-bom children, active

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tenotomized one and one-half inches above the external malleolus. The

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condition of the artery and the location. If arterio-sclerosis or atheroma

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ter ; " Cheyne-Stokes' breathing" is present in some cases, and is regarded

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bloody urine indicate ulceration. Acute suppurative inflammation of the

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Morbid Anatomy. — Some writers describe atrophy of the heart under the

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flammatory irritation gives rise to an active cell-exudation ; the new irrita-

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bursae, causing marked enlargements and deformity. It is said, in some

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foot and great trochanter. While pain is present in hip-joint disease,

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and trapezius in the subclavian triangle. The external jugular and

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of the neck of the scapula, just beneath the coracoid process, while

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cles, and the escape of their coloring matter, which may also be liberated

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Uremia. — In uremia, albuminuria is one of the chief symptoms. In

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39. Physical t^igns in acute pleurisy with a small amount of effusion 176

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mucous membrane from deficient glandular secretion. Crusts of decom-

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