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on V)eing kept. No serious effects ever have resulted from the injections

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save through the shop. The courtyard, eight yards by four,

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Nutrition, disordered, influence of, on innervation,

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ing to the lungs and apt to give rise to pneumonia and

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NewSy Feb. i, ^96, p. 119.) Davis, of Philadelphia, describes a case of puerperal

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vaginalis ; and yet it is to be borne in mind that perma-

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Their ways of working were also alike. In each the true

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tions referred to. Unless hemoptysis actually exists such cases usually

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in Queen's, and graduated M.A. in '91, and M.B. in '92, after

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umbilicus ; the cyst, which was covered by the peritoneum of

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(4) It alters the response to endotoxin administrations,

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Lang, William P Hahnemann, Phila., *oi...New Haven.

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and thickenings, the tendinous or semi-cartilaginous, indurated patches

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latter crosswise (it should always be split lengthwise).

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These volumes, though primarily of local interest, yet con

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frequently about the buttocks. In some regions, as about the neck, they

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Some, like typhus, are without any local lesion but what is demonstrably the

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works, is that of coction and crisis. It is met with at every

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ing, enough to lay bare the tendo Achillis, and this wound

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soon fatal. Lesions of the pons or medulla would also give

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cumber this document from this printing ; and if they would disappear each year with the

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THB BO.STON MBDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Is published cvi^ry Wednesday, by D.

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dilated with the conical end of the caustic pencil, and with its

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the respiratory acts, except to render them fuller and somewhat labored.

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the same rate from consumption. In Portugal, where there

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the United States Bureau of Animal Industry for shipment to the

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head, if the cold strikes them when heated; then, by their

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absorbed into the system and causes systemic degeneration of

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the scalp ; but the writer has never noted such in the cases under

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— "I can give no better rejoinder to all I have just heard, to all the

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donna, and sulphate of quinine for the treatment of the affections men-

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