until they are of considerable size. Abscesses are caused
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and my operation was done as follows : a longitudi-
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two "pits^* about the face (doubtful whether from the small-pox),
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was made to guard against abdominal distention, but
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it clean. Cleanliness is the secret of success in treating
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washed out with warm water, and treated with a solu-
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at our day, it has been so in all time, for talent rarely consents to
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of little use. He thought that in a number of cases the
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the benefit is not confined, as the name unfortunately sug-
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determined. My anxiety was soon allayed, as dipping
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the length of stall from the manger to edge of gutter
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different proprietors and patentees We present the names of the
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moving the scapula. X-rays showed nothing to account for
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Case I. — Large fi.bro-viyo)na complicating pregnancy. —
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was a marked return of the \ a.i^initis, which asain improved
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oareful trial, have conspicuously failed to elevate or dignify it.
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improvement in this connection. According to the basis of
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periods, as are now adopted, during which to teach the student the
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low-lying pastures; but in the western states it is quite
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moval of this gland spells cure, i. e., a restoration of
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articular process on the left. There is no obvious alteration
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nor in the line of action officially recommended, is there
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