ovary, or extreme atrophy of the ovary existed, the opera-

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" And strange to say," says the report, " it has not always

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when handed over the counter. Now we do know, when prescribed and

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Cobelli. — Le Ghiandole acinose della parte pilorica dello stomaco. Sitzungsber. d.

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us to enter on, since each case may be a study in itself.

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suggested that the two special subjects for discussion

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became worse, and, mental depression increasing, he took to

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cases in which we find some relation, but it is not a

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and II are found associated with over 60 per cent of the cases of lobar

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tissue and a few bloodvessels. On many grounds it is probable that the ab-

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are attached — and of location, as giving higher records generally, and

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He reports 2 such cases, the patients of which during life pre-

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meatus and the olfactory cleft. We shall, in the first instance, consider a

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disease, artificial or natural, may be of advantage in the various forms of

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crenulata, Nat. Ord. Ridaceai] are stimulant, diuretic, dia-

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"ound. A man was tried at the Central Criminal Court in August, 1838,

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or thickened although of more value in the differentiation of renal tuber-

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to the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning if this furnace was used

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analysis of a large number of such stools and by a careful chemical

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occur in childhood are in reality an immunizing process

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albuminous urine; cervix dilated, vertex presenting;

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healed by first intention, the latter suppurated with the

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and swampy soils. It has a thick, brownish root with long

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sometimes of debility, or may be symptomatic of Indigestion,

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the efibrts cease, and the blood is sent through other routes,

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from the soles of the feet to the middle of the calves. There wa

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the study of medicine, and suddenly became most inactive. One of

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free from inconvenience, as a permanent difficulty of breathing

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dangerous, considering how little advantage is to be

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you located the bullet in a veteran's heart, which he received