divided, and elongated by subcutaneous tenotomy and extension, the foot being
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relatively high only in Bernstein and Jackson, whereas in
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Of this part of his experience he was wont to speak with affection and
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whether any greater importance is to be attached to the supposed lesions
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of Surgeons are not inclined to add to the subjects of stuly.
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Friday hist whoso .addresses are known at the College as residing in the
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The benzidin test should be used. The importance of this sign in the
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trigone and parts about the ureteral openings are free, whilst it
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presented at the last meeting' of the Society from various
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and potassium ferrocyanid, slight precipitate. Fehling's test no reduction. Foam
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special care was exercised to guard against pollution.
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The internal treatment of bedsores was subsidiary to that
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gestions, he points out the fact that for a number of
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metrical linos of the old building its architectural appear-
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stances, it developes into various aerophytic or anaiirophytic molds.
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credulous who have embraced it, and also to encourage others to per-
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placed near a very damp wall, the other in an over-
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dilated until the forefinger could be passed through it.
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the advertisement of the health resorts but for the extension of their
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be of real service in abating this unmitigated nuisance.
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were not the case more persons having these congenital
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heart, and the production of organic lesions in these organs, and
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Edinburgh lledical Journal from Archivs fur die Holland. Beitrage zur
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is attached to the left-hand tube. A few strokes of the piston
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times precedes gout, and sometimes accompanies rheumatic arthritis and
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obscene quack. Obscenity, strictly speaking, is only a
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Mrs. Lev., aged 27, came to my office, September 22d, 1875. She had
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ment. This is as false as it is abominable. We are neither to be bought
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jaundice present. The roentgen-ray show^ed stones in the gall-
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were fractured and twisted laterally, so that the nerve-roots, or
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ice cream belong to this category. Inasmuch as ice cream is pre-
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acts as a veritable solvent for the nerve endings. He also concludes that
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as a curved director, guides the rounded head of the bone inwards and backwards
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mitted his l^orse to suffer and die under C. S. D. care.
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examination ; and where the separation has been consider-
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he had been doing so profusely before. Louis found that one
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Medical Officer of Health in certain districts. The Committee
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is involved in the terms — ' any other disease or disorder tending to shorten \
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flammation of an erysipelatoid nature, and it is a matter of
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the case we have described. He states that since the first case was
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nher treatineiit, hut the average duration of life was only eight
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it is probably an infection by way of the lymphatic circulation.
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A case of Theobald's (Transac. Amer. Ophth. Soa, 1881)
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the chemists add that cells themselves are formed of atoms.