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In this recipe, as in others, condensed milk is used in a strength of one

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containing impurities. Ditch or muddy pond water would

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Neck of the Thigh Bone.— Dr. J. 0. llrTcnisoN read.a jiaper

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cluding diseases of the heart as among that group of preventable

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surgeons to exert a proper control over surgical instrument makers,

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volved, the pus finds its way to the surface by way of the columna adiposa,

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suspension, and the same diluted twice, five and ten times. The

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with high temperature, progressive paralysis with muscular atrophy, and

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a little water. By means of a pair of sharp-pointed scissors the small

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Par., 1900. v, 27-31. — Mesimori (1.) Yubi no jika

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On examination of the chest after death, the left pleural sac was found

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with radium, and for those it is a bad form of treatment.

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cumstances under which it occurs, or which appear to be pro-

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subject contents, enumerate a few of the chapters : "Before the Baby

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but the condition of physical weakness continued. There was an

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bloodletting shall be rejected, because of the injury

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bryonic or fetal life, then there are six possibilities for

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had nearly all been worn off the back of the head. The pupils

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the necropsy the organs were all found normal with the ex-