attacked; that is, the bacterial poisons are not injuri-

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ases the term paraplegia is applicable ; but this term, in general,

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ment on matters relating to public health, and some of

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been attempted to be applied in vain, and a portion of the

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eral practitioner know his limitations — necessity for examining the urine. To find

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capacity of the stomach. The normal stomach will contain

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tion of connective tissue begins over the periosteuim and

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cular tone in the flexors of the toes than elsewhere, and

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hastened to the Doctor's office, who administered half a

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substance; (5) the arrangement of cells in columns, as in the fascicular

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thino; which is not actuallv essential in diairnosis.

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find. Of course it is necessary to obstruct the vessel so it will swell

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surgeon these alone are divided subcutaneously. It seems that Lorenz

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indeed, not highly improper. Physicians, and dermatolo-

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harm than good to come from the passage of a bill such as

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from any deleterious properties as the food which sup-

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to, proved that the finest fabrics, such as silks and laces,

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ings of uneasiness or pain. In his case the ulceration

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which with tactile examination would lead to a recognition of the cause. The

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malarial parasite staining. Nocht, however, failed to state what

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A Centenarian. — .Vnton Miktancic, the oldest in-

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Billings, "when we wish to study the healthfulness of

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At 3 P.M., December 26th, patient's temperature was

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who will carefully read the pages of this work will

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tants of Gray's-inn-lane were so disturbed by such a prophecy,

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because it is their nature, independent of adventitious circumstances, to

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of the Steamer "Merriniac," and I endorse it without qualification.

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A thrombus is more or less firmly adherent to the wall of the vessel. It

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habits and by removing the influence of ascertainable cauaea. The ^gtSSik

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