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child. Especial care should be taken to avoid infecting young children and

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eye is affected the other must be protected by a watch-glass. A patch of

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difference in the prognosis of the lesions, and emphasizes the persistent

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contact with obstetrical practice, who makes any pretence toward

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until about the fifth year, after which deaths from measles are comparatively

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that cholera should be unable to gain a footing. Here, as in England, peo-

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Nor does it seem probable that local conditions in the kidney can be a fre-

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temperature and more particularly to lengthen the nocturnal remissions.

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Enterite" but they did not distinguish them from the conditions found in

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any urme has been spilled, the same should be done.

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infectants. Air scatters and dilutes micro-organisms, making

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be differentiated from a relapse. A true relapse occurs in from thirty

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iting is a prominent symptom. The angina is not particularly marked.

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and the decomposition of body fluids. This is illustrated by the breaking

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urine. If albuminuria prevails so widely as among even

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infective agent, makes the cold more penetrating, and also affects directly

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During the process of inoculating flasks, or tubes of solid media, great

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12. M. , aged 51. — Mitral stenosis, granular kidneys.

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degrees and then rise to near its original height, or it may fall gradually and

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strengthens the patient and reduces the pain and stiffness in the muscles

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and showing granules around a central body Admitting the existence of

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pathy, he is very apt to adopt one or the other extreme, to

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quest of your president and secretary, to ask your attention

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causation. The proof of the cause of malaria has disproved the relationship

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individual with a slight eruption of this sort is able to follow his occupation.

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total antipneumococcic index — as estimated from the leukocytic, and the

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is distinctly grateful and comforting. In the latter two dis-

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backwards and forwards with the eyes shut, inco-ordination

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our selection is very much more rigid with regard to all other

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ard serum in this country also: "Unfortunately no standard strength is

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