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three fluid ounces of liniment which is claimed to re-

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Briefly, what are the mechanisms that may explain acute

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and persistent one, resulting in a subacute or chronic disease. Chil-

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fissure of the palate, of which several varieties are exhibited in

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versity, that the disease has been observed by Professor Kerr

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with the actual cautery, more especially when very numerous ;

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This last patient was over-sensitive and excitable, and

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arteriosclerosis. In the first two of these groups recovery follows abstinence

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Med. Ireland, Dubl.. 1883, i, 47-49.— Ulilhonf (W.) De-

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in clearing his mistake, which is, indeed, a widespread

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to this red flag of danger may prevent its becoming more than a threat.

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There are, however, a few things, formerly observed as

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which clinically resembles closely the condition we have just described

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Michael Higgins Ebert, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology.

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stimulate the circulation reflexly, increase blood tension, and,