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dition of the patient has also much improved. His intelligence

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throe cases of a similar character, one of which differed in no parti-

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explain a great many of the effects of the drug. It does not

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cent investigations. It should be stated, however, that the

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sources, unless the blood be distinctly venous in appearance,

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June of that year, Texas cattle were shipped up the Mississippi

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valuable suggestions obtained while acting the part selected is washed with soap and

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certain outbreaks, the bacteria are often attenuated so that

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the consummation and possible perpetuation of an epileptic habit.

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recognized at that time, into three groups, viz.: (i) anthrax

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of its having been transmitted to man had occurred. Gibson

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another case, a mother sick with yellow fever continued to nurse her child,

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the application is over, but there is sometimes a preliminary

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adjacent thereto, and from every available source to gather the

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tion of a considerable portion of the spinal cord, or a suspension

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I am an Irishman, and with the faults in- that might be done, or haven't the confi-

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To a child seven or eight years old, I am in the habit of prescribing

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and going gradually up to one which possesses nearly or full

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At other times, entreaties for help have rest so essential in the treatment of diseases

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bercle bacillus. In every sputum we find error are known ; confusion with the bacil-

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an infectious disease which occurs enzootically and in epi-

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ficiently dense to exercise advantageous compression upon the

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minute quantity than is contained in" the dose that he recom-

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write for Peter's Peptic Essence and you will not be disappointed. These prepara-

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unfavorable prognosis, and said he had seen two similar cases in

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or acquired disease, he indulges in the habits and luxuries which

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woman beneath him in station, and with whom he does not seem

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of additional infection. If pasturesare known to be perma-

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taneous symptoms follow the entrance of book- esting and valuable views. hJut until bet-

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tuberculosis and glanders should be borne in mind. For the

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the sick ones and from pasture lands on which the sick became

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On May 3d, 1870, having been pretty steady for six months,

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Please Specify KOBINSON'S in original bottles. For Sale by Druggists.

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the disparity still greater. In my former paper, I made the fol-

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erate. In that represented by Baton Rouge, the range is 28°, and

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to give up or control his habit even though ^^^''^ '^ "° °"e ^^'"g "P°" ^^^''^ success

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ment of the great work; and we may be permitted to confirm the

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■diseased tissue or of the discharged pus in which the ray

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quent, more or less painful, the back somewhat arched and the

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before leeching. It is common to foment the part after the leeches

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very well that, no matter what Beaumont might say about the