ions entertained, even now, on the subject of diseases

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strangulated hernia were admitted and operated upon

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Surprisingly, in England and Wales the death rate did not

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with bellows," (Phil. Trans. 1667, No. 28, p. 539,) and confirmed the truth of the

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the so-called uric-acid or gouty state of the system, all

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Well so did Greatrakes make "cures," and Mesmer and

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tition. The oft-repeated needhng and slow absorptive

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appear-to be an example of some other spinal affection. Charcot accounts

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according to Unna, the cutis transformed into perivascular cords, which,

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special contra-indication to chloroform being a full

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excess of nutriment brought to them, a materies morhi

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In Cases 2, S, 4, 10, and 13, there were proofs of congestion and

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and may cease suddenly or subside gradually, but nearly always leaves

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manipulation must be repeated. The important point in this

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uring the degree of resistance of an individual to an infection by

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sisted in for about four months, succeeded in curing this

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m6d. de Bordeaux, 1898, xi.K, 31. — (Tngcwolinlich grosser

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Carles (P.) Snr la caractSristique du vin de figue. J.

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the hips and about the waist. I suppose it helped her all

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go from the moist mouth cavity into the vicinity of the patient, and from

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the absurdly exaggerated claims of this gentleman and his