not unfrequently bears evidence of small-pox upon the skin.

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April 24. — 6.40 p.m. : pulse 76 ; respiration 28; tempera-

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said that during the summer of 1S9S he had e.xamined the

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6. The lips are frequently fissured : and this affection, independent of the pain,

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this. He believes that the meningococcus has been insuffi-

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be due to increased intracranial pressure, effusion into the ventricles, and

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ing the odor and taste of rotten egg^^ the latter denoting putrefactive

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almost impossible to compute, in the present day, the influence of

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care, a lady of the utmost refinement of feeling and taste, who is constantly

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are given off in the dust arising from the wool of diseased animals

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fault is a toxemia, the toxic factor being different in different cases.

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n. Illustrations of Hospital Practice ; being original reports from the clinical

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sexual excess and masturbation, or as a sequela of exanthemata and rheuma-

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anatomy of Hcsmaiopinus stephensi Christophers and Newstead 1906, parasitic

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seventy-six amputations of large limbs performed on seventy-four patients, two

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metabolism. We have heard much about uric acid during the last ten years,

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greatly enlarged. Its success and efficiency were most marked from

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lations ; spirit of chloroform, swallowed. Liberal, concen-

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the back with less interruption than anteriorly. With the hand placed over

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orrhage from the bowel, which was only controlled by Mr. Allingham's

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beyond Glasgow. In the years 1909-1910 he was president of

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osteoporosis. The investigation of causes of osteo-