disease, usually with or soon after the chill. It precedes the latter symptom
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which may even follow abrasions of the skin, (b) The various inflammatory
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stantly revise its pages in order to hold the book up to that standard
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two authors that I have been able to find mention definitely
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found. A more rapid and equally certain method is by the direct microscopic
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relative absolutes are normal and the urine free from albumin.
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reactions. Spronck isolated an organism from patients suffering from
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tions, the cases of each class were subdivided according as
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intestinal disturbances. The mucous membrane reacts by inflammation
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The absence of albumin on rising in the morning goes, in
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that this is one of the dark places in our knowledge of the nature of bacterial
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extension of the infectious process, as in the successive invasion of the
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The mitral direct murmur also indicates a condition of great
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of Highmore in a second (Ghon), and by metastasis from influenza pneu-
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26 per cent, of the users of this supply had typhoid fever. The milk-supply
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pneumococcus, which was capable of causing pleuropneumonia in mice and
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for the administration of dysenteric serum in the Institute for the Research
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cotton is introduced gently into the canal to assist the exit of the discharge
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from the presence of exudate), or by a reduction in the oxygen-carrying
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the urine was a far more reliable guide to prognosis than
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days. Knecht reports one case of seven and one-half days.
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They comprise such substances as the caustic alkalies, min-
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nished absolute proof by experiments upon animals that the separate identity
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gastritis in |100 autopsies. A membranous colitis occurred in 1 of 173
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inactive. This has been confirmed by Sacharoff, and Kraus and Pribram.
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portance of bringing this subject before this Association for
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so in good faith, sight shoiild never be lost of the fact that,
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character remembrance than John Locke — philosopher, phil-
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also to the fact that, although there may be a certain definite known exposure
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also by loud bronchial breathing. Sometimes the respiration over the
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degenerating portion of the cytoreticulum. He could not demonstrate amoe-
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expectancy by eight, while twenty- two do not refer to them
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although meningitis due to ear trouble fails to simulate the epidemic form in
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it is commonly preceded by a fall in the number of leukocytes in the periph-
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that if they have any different meaning from the pure hyaline
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times febrile periods occur — the reaction fever, which lasts for one or more
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troops in Port Arthur, was caused by the first type and only a few cases
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infection. There is a patient living now and in active work from whose blood