1. What are the best means of securing prompt and reliable information as to
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the first two incisions formed the margin of a new lip, the
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harsh or whistling, noisy and prolonged, and he suffers from continuous
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means of contagion is by using same sponge on erysipelatous and
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years. Leonard Hill in England was one of the first
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sonal or family physician, the patient should be re-
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absent, and in many cases which only complain of vague urin-
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portion contracts and dries, leaving the exposed granulating
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termination is less frequent than persons unacquainted with the disease
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43. Stahility of the Cure of Varices. — M. Blot communicated to the Society of
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Although St. Paul is a much spread out city, covering
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of the degree in which the acute disease may iniluenc
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Dilute Hydrocyanic Acid, or one-drop doses of Carbolic Acid or Creosote
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in this country today. I have elsewhere sketched the history of
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perating causes. It may be doubted, however, if these causes alone
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Ik vulciso thiB work before those for whom it was especially written,
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expired. They had 2 hearts in 1 pericardium, the digestive
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point he made an incision of such length that he was thereby
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tion of Amoeba;," by Caspar O. Miller; "The Bacillus
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diseased sites, and this failure is one of the problems awaiting
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Micse panis, q. s. ut fiat massa in pil. xxx. divi-
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Law). The Principal said that a meeting of the General Council
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only is the material very great in every European city
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involvement whatever of the lower part of the body ; if it be in the situa-
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stomach. Cirrhosis of the liver is also responsible for profuse gastric
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disease; and notices should be sent to school-teachers, that they
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>o that while they may be considered characteristic and
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stances, in the way of relieving suffering and curing
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for perfect drainage and all other hygienic conditions. The buildings
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cases will be the absence of any interference with the liver-
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the gentle answer may turn away wrath, upon the irritable, spiteful,
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tion. The same chapter gallops through the development of dermatol-
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118 families canvassed in 1912, the first year of our census, only 26
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pingitis, abscess of Bartholin's glands, septic peritonir-
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1900, iv, 641.— Huxtabic (R B.) Case of typhoid fever;
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very severe and cramplike in character, lasting several days at a
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The impression is gathered from the literature that individuals
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Boston Oars and Boston Sewers. — W. R. Nichols, of
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with the great increase of nervousness, headache, biliousness,
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in beri-beri. Take again the case of pressure on the peripheral nei-ves.
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the head. This may be due to pressure on the jugular veins in cases of
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Haas, H. H., assistant surgeon, detached from treatment at the
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