office for such work. There is and ought to ridges about and on the lips. The teeth are
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that causes suddenly at one time an exaggeration of the disturbances
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at an expense of $25 a month for each team. Twenty-five childreoi are
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marked malignancy with tendency to deeper invasion.
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* Gail M. * Walter O. * Joseph R. * Robert C. ** E. Denise * Matthew J.
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then singly. Two saw double about three hours; and one of them, two days
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Another important point in the pathology is the occurrence of leucocy-
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(bursa omenti majoris) extends from the gastric artery to the spleen,
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statistics regarding the plague are contained in the report.
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this case one of two factors probably induced the icterus
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stant,, 1896-7, xxxix, 221-232. — Drey fus-Brisac (L. )
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dermic method. The injected medicine must be in solution so that
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logical picture almost entirely. From the second to the fourth week,
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strable evidence of either motor or sensory paralysis; and during
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along to look at diseases of the heart through their living
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New York : New York, May 4-11, 107 cases, 19 deaths.
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The cause of these secondary multiple but local eruptions of miliary