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• Appointed Dr. Joseph R. Gladden as chairman of the

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We would here remark, that a large proportion of the Institutions for

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notice I have been led to the use of this as a therapeutic

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glands, ureters, pelvis of the kidney, urinary bladder, arachnoid

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cases in which we find some relation, but it is not a

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that the cause of dysentery in the black is the cause

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obsolete. Attempts by Fergusson [8], Simpson [20], Noble [16] and

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very long, or impossible. Worries greatly over loss of

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resisted so stoutly the influence of the screw i)Ower of

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legs, the bleeding hgemorrhoids, repeated tapping, stupor, delirium,

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tions such as the degree and types of dental support received in

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lowing history : Her previous health had been good.

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tion and its substitutes extended over a far larger field and

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can be applied, and that the resemblance to the instrument of

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successfully lifting a body, got 10s. 6d. each; the pay was after-

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tors had gained a knowledge of the same fact in the treatment of this

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derangement, give i drachm Fluid Extract of Nux Vomica and

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various nerves by means of charts which we have, and if there has

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loosen the'transverse tarsal, til)io-tarsal, and calcaneo-

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turn to his Imme, there to continue this treatment. lie was

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i that the number of the constituents would be 1729.

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amount of material withdrawn from the blood and deposited in the air-

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given half hourly for two or three doses, granule of hydrastin. The dosage should

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There was no hseiuorrhage, and the uterus was well contracted.

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patient is delivered, washed, placed in a glass trough

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positively stated in vol. ii., as referred to before, that Dr.

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with continuing the treatment previously in use, namely — difi'usible

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