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other fashionably prevalent endeavors to cheat charity.
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engineers of the Panama Railroad had little wooden huts
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Cal., and report by telegraph to the adjutant general of the Army
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knngen. Sliinchen. raed. '^chnschr., 1895, xlii, 794; 820;
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"The advantage of taking the trouble of cleansing the
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with its perhaps projecting vegetation, offers great
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20tL — The wound has considerably decreased in size. He was
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"Zaloga (Khirurgya, February, 1898) considers eucaine a more
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is, on a diet which normally reduces the ratio to 1 to 15 or
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Uterine Fibroids. — Dr. Ch.\rles P. Nobre, in a paper
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hol does them considerable injury. The alcohol slowly dis-
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it being only necessary to place a drop or two of the oil upon the tongue.