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The dislocation was reduced soon after receipt of injury.

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such a case as this, it devolves upon the defendant, the court

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ment in the galleys. ('Ann. d'Hyg.' 1853, vol. 2, p. 200.) In this country she

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weight during these experiments as rapidly as the whole body.^

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the lesion was explained by a gall-stone lodged in the diverticulum of

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new plan of treatment, of one too which does away, in a great measure, with

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As regards the general symptoms, there is little or no febrile move-

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December 2d. — The swelling in the joint has remained

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obvious change in its form. The uvula hangs in its ordinary place ; and

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causes lameness in the hind feet, and does not always

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The size of the chest thus increased the air within the

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greater rapidity than in others. Some persons endure them quietly with

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F ig hi. _ s. subtilis, female. Fig. 142.— S. suUilis, bursa.

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