vous system, and both leave their stamp on that sys-

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extension to be useless in such cases, and his results, as published,' are too

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The attendance was large, a rather formidable number of

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recovery occurred without operation. In the second case,

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patient spends nearly half his time at it, and most physicians will be of

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stance occurs, when iodine of azote is reduced into iodine and

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merly, when scalping was practised. It was noted by

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Anat. u. Pliysiol. (Eckbard), Giessen, 1883, x, 1-22, 1 pi.—

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6. Parker, F. and Haigh, A. V. R. — Sachs-Georgi Test for Syphilis.

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kidneys and vena cava, were remarkably hypersemic. There was

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controlled with sponge pressure and forceps. Care has to be

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1 P.M. — London, I'.SO p.m. — Great Northern, 2 p.m. —

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findings were nearer perfection than in the control series of Table I. The absence

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the urine, in the early stages of the disease no physician would

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fissure. This line cuts off the base of the superior frontal convolution which

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sweats. On admission the eyes were pufty, the skin dark but