vapors, was sufficient to kill the species indicated. The coefficient col-
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per cent, solution of gelatin in peptonized beef-tea,
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phosphates and carbonates, and not as do ordinary urates. If a urine
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Family S. The paternal great-grandfather died at about seventy
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ondary result of a seborrhoeic eczema of the scalp. The treatment of
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It was also very important, in that the post-mortem appearances
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virulence and arc comparatively expensive. They also have the further
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the principal focus of the lens and the inverted image of
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The period in which we now live demands an intelligent and
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Within certain boundaries — as between the beginning of menstruation,
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reported in human cases of leukemia by 69 observers
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My opinion is, and will be till some good argument con-
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raonia. In other cases the subjective and objective signs of pleurisy
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is generally easily seen. On opening the brain-case, it will be noted
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<Ghisgow); W. PLayfair, M.D.; T. Pollock, M.D. ; Tyler
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cent, with from 30 to 40 per cent of relapses in all cases traced beyond
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incapable of leaving the body by its own efforts, and
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at a corresponding point some two and a half inches
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occasioned by a diminished supply of blood, and that blood of bad
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that " if the appearance of the plaintiff, from any cause,
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was read by President McCalla, who stated that it was
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all operations in surgery. — J. A. White, in Mary-
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replaced by a tendency for the abdomen to vary markedly in
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hydrochloric acid. The examination of the gastric contents after a
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circus movements described by Magendic, Lafarque, Longet, Schiff, and other
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granulation and the suppuration stopped. The child began
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obstruction of the larynx, whether caused by a pseudo-mem-
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it is reasonable to suppose that this number will be increased materially in
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or mother who, having clap, touches the child's genitals
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the urine of seven, In eight cases of ascites preceded by