rapid. This man was apparently-well the day before his entrance into the hospital. Xo

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conscious, was an alarmed witness of the seizure, but was incapable of uttering a word.

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appeared from five months to several weeks before death.

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sentation in this association as shall make application for ad-

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cause of suffering, and enables the patient to lead a life

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tube, which is held in place by a hard-rubber shoulder.

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the polynuclear eosinophilic leukocytes ......... 40

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hold his credentials, but for the information of his and our own readers, we

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fever appears much earHer than that of typhoid fever and in one crop,

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named this as one especial point, in order therebj' to


18. Wells (quoting Magnus Levy): Chem. Path., 4th ed., p. 86.

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parenchyma such as occurs in severe forms of toxic and infectious



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cavity. When he described this it reminded him very

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are often associated with intermittent feverish attacks and loss of

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either fatty or lymphoid, and with giant cells and osteoblasts in varying

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5. Harshness of the inspiratory murmur, prolonged expiration, and

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of the wound in order that wadding and dirt may not

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for individuals who have received a wound, or sustained some personal injury,

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Some cases of stomach-ulcer are free from distress of any kind ; in

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eating nothing and paying but little attention to its surroundings, until coma

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to find them is to get the patient to empty the bladder

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tive brachytherapy or during the first postoperative day.

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the fall in the blood-pressure, the next problem attempted was

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patient usually" falls into a comatose state. This form of rheumatic fever

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The late Dr. Mutton, of Edinburgh, is generally allowed to be the

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paius, (even with violent throbbing,) or pains in the chest, (as just

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on the subject in hand, and proceeded to read a sketch

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in two and a quarter, or forty-four per cent. In women who had

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thickened eyelids and lips and protruding tongue, the distended abdomen

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The tube can always be introduced without a guide and

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phoric acid. The mixture is then thoroughly exhausted with

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not right to confuse double consciousness of an epileptic

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the gait becomes uncertain and awkward ; at first this is so only in the

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History,— For years the theory of a bacterial causation for

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minimum ; our attention must now be turned to the chronic

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NURSING— Head nurse, two trained nurses, one special nurse for diet cooking.

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the local application seemed to be of only temporary good. The

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six years ago ; the hand has become attenuated ; this may be ac-

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the first instance she has been obliged to yield up her pelvic organs

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relieved by injections or mild laxatives. Diarrhoea will call for the

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It was found that a serum drawn from a horse which had

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skin, preferably through that of the ear and tail. Pigs may be

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long time in North America, and saw that the Americans

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