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ment, and the abuses of its charity are, I presume,
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(6) Light and sunshine — with especial reference to
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vex Lenses. — When light rays impinge on a convex lens,
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arm occurred, which he attributed to " too long and
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Finally, we recommend that patients who present with a
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swelling of the epithelium lining the uriniferous tubules, and
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the results of his own observations and in reviewing our
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' along the finger, the bone was gently extracted. It presented
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of fatal heart-failure while that organ was supplied
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viscera, and his skeleton was preserved. It will be seen that the shaft
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right side of the trigonum. I have no doubt that they had been
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This large mass felt perfectly movable posteriorly, and in its inferior
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should not be repeated unless the severity of the pain demands it
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the circulation was restored. With proper precautions in evacuation
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and camphor, and with salicylic or boric acid combined with
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purpose, since for this, as for other affections, individuals are
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1886, xxxvii, 237-241. . De I'influence de certaines
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Cultures of this organism do have the power of hydrolyzing fat
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gestion (Case CLXXL), commensurate with the danger of the case. As