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discovery of the nature of the toxins created by altered metabolism of

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by a foil in fencing. Severe suffering followed the blow immediately, violent

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The temperature of the invertebrates has been more or less

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cure effected by continuing the applications 2 or 3

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am sure all would have been interested. I supposed, like Dr.

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resembled in certain respects the alterations observed in animals

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mention the common occurrence of albuminaria, dropsy,

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tunities for observation. The prevalence of fev^er in Ireland

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tient's condition is the high grade ataxia in and legs, which is almost constant, and

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foot sustained a compound fracture by a mass of rock falling

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clauses, to the Committee of 186G, which unhesitatingly con-

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Acidum nitricum. In pi-eparing this acid, the London College

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mass or volume, mainly the depth of tissue affected by the blow. Practically, this is

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* Do appropriate lab tests and a lumbar puncture for a

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contractions will be observed very rapidly ending in contracture and

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heat. It will keep for years, and is always ready to use

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not be in accordance with the patient's comfort. Other

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Art. 210. — On Injuries of the Axillary Artery occurring in Artillery

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sion in the House will be about the same as before.